Educational Videos

2020 Year End Tax Planning Strategies

  • The huge impact that taxes have on your financial plan.
  • What is tax-loss harvesting, and how it may help you this year!
  • What the SECURE Act could potentially mean for your heirs.
  • Year-end tax strategies to be considering
  • Using Roth conversions to possibly offset future tax hikes.

Part I - What's Important To Know About Social Security Webinar

  • History of Social Security:
    • How it began
    • Early Controversy
  • How can you coordinate spousal benefits? (Three Opportunities to maximize benefits)
    • How many people are receiving Social Security?
    • Who receives Social Security?
    • Longevity: What does this mean for your future as we live longer and longer?
  • Important Terms & Definitions:
    • Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)
    • Full Retirement Age (FRA)
    • Windfall Elimination Period (WEP)

Part II - What's Important To Know About Social Security

  • 3 Stages & Strategy Options
    • Deciding when is a good time to collect Social Security
    • Strategy 1: Benefit Options for Couples
    • Discuss and evaluate available options to determine when to file for benefits.
  • Options: 3 Stages for filing
    • Stage 1: Filing Early
    • Stage 2: Full Retirement Age (FRA)
    • Stage 3: Delayed Credits
  • Strategy 2: Survivor Benefit Options
    • Why do Survivor benefits work best if one spouse is expected to outlive the other.
    • Some general rules to keep in mind

Should I Make A Roth IRA Conversion?

Current and Future Tax Brackets • Expected Income Sources • Types and Amounts in Different Investment Accounts • Time left until withdrawals needed • Comfort Level with Investment Risk

  • If you asked this question, you’re really wondering if a Roth IRA Conversion will save you more in taxes?
  • Mechanically, this strategy involves converting savings from pretax retirement accounts, such as 401(K) or a Traditional IRAs, to a tax-free Roth IRA.
  • While this strategy can help you save tax, it involves analyzing multiple pieces as well as your timelines in your financial plan. To make the best decision requires an in-depth evaluation of your specific situation.

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