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Thank's Dad . . .

June 14, 2022

Father’s Day is a special time for so many of us.  It’s a time to reflect on the meaning of that one special person you've had in your life, who had a big influence on the person you’ve become.  Throughout the winds of change that life brings about, a Father’s love can be a steady, guiding force that gives comfort when it’s needed most. 

Growing up, I thought I knew what Father’s Day was about.  Barbecues, Father’s Day cards, and the one day of the year we said “thanks” to our Dad.  Turns out, I didn’t really know what Father’s Day was about.  I only discovered it’s true meaning after becoming a Father.   After my son was born, and experiencing my very first Father’s Day, only then, did I discover it’s true meaning. 

Today, I know so much more about this special day than I ever knew.  I’ve learned that being a Father is hard and exhausting, and yet it fills my heart with so much love and pride.  I never realized that your heart can hurt.  Keeping a steady hand for your children during their chaotic lives, sometime hurts.  I never imagined that letting your child struggle and find their own way in life, would be so painful.  My Dad was always there for me, and yet I now know that watching me find my own way in life, must have been one of the hardest things he ever went through, because I know it has been for me. 

I’d always dreamed I’d have a family – I just didn’t understand the amount of strength I needed to be a Father.  At times when I’ve needed strength, I couldn’t find it. Other times, I had more strength than I ever knew a man could possess.  I’ve hoped for patience and prayed for it, not only for myself, but for my children.  I’ve prayed to take every ounce of strength from me, and give it to my children.  It’s been so hard, and yet . . . I’ve loved every single second.  The love and pain, joy, laughter, tears, anger, hurt, frustration, pride, exhaustion – it’s all been worth it.

I never realized that my Dad felt the same way.  I never saw it and I never payed attention.  Then again, are children really supposed to know what a Father goes through? 

I learned about hard work and perseverance from my Father.  I’ve learned that once a job is started its not done until it’s finished and done the right way.  My determination to succeed was the greatest gift my Dad ever gave me.  He worked hard his entire life to provide for us, and I never saw the strength it took to make it through every day.  He never complained about the everyday grind of his job, he just did it.  He showed us the way.  I never saw his weaknesses or his insecurities, which all Fathers have - I only saw the calluses on his hands, and how hard he worked. 

I’m thankful for my journey in being a Father, because I now understand, that the boots I have to fill are large.  Each and every day, I try to live up to the example that my Dad set for me.  I appreciate my Dad more and more each day, because I realize it takes great determination to be good Dad. 

And so, that’s why I’m taking a break from my usual commentary on the markets, economies, and investing.  I wanted to honor a man who is special in my life, and who is an important part of who I am today.   Sometimes, life is not about money, business, economies, politics, markets or investing.  It’s simply about the people you love. 

 So, Thanks’ Dad, and Happy Father’s Day, and though we may not see each other as often as I’d like, you’re never far away from my heart.   I love you!

 And a Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there!

A rare time when me and my sister were home at the same time to take a picture with Dad