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19 Aug
(Webinar) Part 1: What Is Important To Know About Social Security


Hosted By: Lon W. Broske, CFS®, CFP® 

What Is Important To Know About Social Security?

Part 1: Here is What You'll Learn

History of Social Security:

  • How it began
  • Early Controversy

Important Terms & Definitions:

  • Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)
  • Full Retirement Age (FRA)
  • Windfall Elimination Period (WEP)

How can you coordinate spousal benefits? (Three Opportunities to maximize benefits)

  • How many people are receiving Social Security?
  • Who receives Social Security?
  • Longevity: What does this mean for your future as we live longer and longer?

Date and Time

Wed, Aug 19, 2020

1:00p - 2:00p CST


Virtual Webinar (Pines Wealth Management)


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